By Dr. David Roos, Dean of Students, RVUCOM-SU We all have a “bucket list” or a list of big ideas we want to pursue in life. My list included running the St. George Marathon. I’ll never forget my sense of accomplishment as I finally crossed the finish line after being encouraged by race fans and […]

Volunteer and Improve…

September 7, 2018
By Hurricane Family Pharmacy   When most people hear the word cholesterol, they think of negative things like heart disease or giving up good foods like eggs and meat. However, cholesterol is a good thing. In fact, we cannot live without it! Like most everything in life though, too much of a good thing can […]

5 Ways to Improve Your…

September 6, 2018
By Gracie Hart   At age 6, I started first grade. We were learning to read when I first realized I was different. I started noticing that I was behind with reading and writing compared to other kids. I was slower than my classmates. I thought I was a dumb kid up until age 12. […]

Youth Diaries: The Gifts…

September 6, 2018
By Chase Hansen   With fall semester in full swing, Dixie State University (DSU) invites community and alumni to campus to celebrate its rich traditions and spirit during homecoming week, October 29th–November 3rd, 2018. Please plan on joining us at the following events: Sunday, October 28th, look to the Black Hill as the iconic D […]

Dixie State University…

September 6, 2018
By Dr. Matt Eschler The year was 1972 in St. George, Utah. I was out of school for the summer. Second grade was behind me. I had all summer to get myself ready for the rigors of third grade! I remember riding my bicycle by myself to Ben Franklin, the store on Bluff Street where […]

Relationship Fitness…

September 6, 2018
Hi! My name is Rachel Allen. I recently moved here from Salt Lake City to help serve the southern Utah community in the treatment of chronic pain and back pain. Let me start from the beginning. I am a native Utahn, born in Salt Lake City. I fondly remember growing up on the benches of […]

Desert Pain and Spine…

September 6, 2018
By Darrin Marchant   It’s probably wise to be moderate in all things. We should be like Goldilocks. She avoided the extremes one way or the other in order to find that sweet spot where things were just right. What about things that seem good for us. Can we have too much love in our […]

Goldilocks and Exerc…

September 6, 2018
By Michael Anderson, M. D., Revere Health, Coral Desert Orthopedics If you have been experiencing the pain of arthritis in one or both hips, be glad that you live now and not 30 years ago. Much has changed in virtually all aspects of hip replacement surgery. In this short article. I’m going to contrast the differences […]

Hip Replacement Surgery:…

September 6, 2018
By Caden Jensen, Owner of Brainpower of Southern Utah The first time I realized that I had a learning problem was when I was in the first grade. I remember sitting next to a teacher who asked me to do some reading with her. She had selected a book that was, according to her, on my […]

Brain Integration

September 6, 2018
By Brigit Atkin Have you ever planted a garden? If so, you know how much time, effort, patience, and consistency it requires. Can you imagine working that hard only to let your product rot? It would be silly to let the fruits of your labor go to such waste. Yet that’s what some of us […]

Reap the Harvest

September 6, 2018
By Jay Bartlett Your mountain bike takes care of you in so many ways. It keeps you fit while putting a smile on your face. It lets you descend hills with confidence and speed then climb with nimbleness and—depending on you—grace. It is engineered to be “forgiving,” helping you get out of the trouble that […]

The Care and Feeding…

September 6, 2018
By Bentley Murdock   Having dedicated my education as a nutritionist to the reversing and preventing of physical disease, one of the questions I hear most often is “What’s the difference between HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol?” Most people’s automatic answer to such a question might have a rather large gray area of differentiation, while […]

LDL Cholesterol and HDL…

September 6, 2018
By: Jason Crowley, CPA, MBA As a business owner, there are many tax strategies you can utilize to minimize your tax liability. One of these strategies is hiring your children to work for you. It can give you an amazing opportunity to teach your children the value of work and the responsibility of managing personal […]

Hire Your Children: A…

September 6, 2018
By Amy Bates, foster parent and foster adoptive consultant When I am asked what it’s like to be a foster parent, I always struggle. Should I talk about the overwhelming joy I feel when a child is able to go home to parents who are able to provide him or her with a safe and […]

Foster Parenting: It…

September 6, 2018
By Alicia Runolfson Ancient civilizations understood the reflex connections, known as signals, located in the hands and in the feet that connect with the organs and systems of the body. Evidence has been found that ancient cultures in Egypt, Asia, and other places in the world worked on the body through the feet. This practice […]

Foot Zone Therapy

September 6, 2018

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