2017 has been an amazing year for the Sound of Life Foundation. We have been able to serve in our local communities as well as communities in Guatemala, Jordan, and Ecuador. These have been life changing experiences, not only for those who have received the gift of hearing, but for the volunteer providers and staff. […]

Giving Back the Sounds…

November 20, 2017
Country Music singer Eric Dodge has been in the business for years, so it might surprise some to know that he still gets nervous before taking the stage. However, it’s that fear that also motivates him to do more and be better. “My biggest fear was being on stage in front of people.” He says. […]

Music With A Message

November 20, 2017
One of the things I try to do to make sure we are practicing cutting edge physical therapy in our clinics is to look at what the top Universities and Professional sports teams across the country are using to rehab their injured players. I have had the opportunity to visit some high-end training facilities and […]

Alter G Anti-Gravity…

November 20, 2017
The very first hip replacement surgeries were attempted over 120 years ago (1891) by Themistocles Gluck in Berlin, Germany.   It consisted of a femoral head made of ivory fastened to the top of the thigh bone with nickel plated screws, plaster of Paris, and glue. Needless to say, there were some problems. Nearly 50 […]

Advancements In Hip …

November 20, 2017
Making love warm is an activity. It is something successful couples continue to cultivate. With a warmth of affection, partners can withstand some chills and survive the winte rs of an emotional storm. I am continually impressed by how some individuals and couples literally make their relationship the center of their world, while others simply […]

Making Your Love War…

November 20, 2017
Fair weather has finally returned to St. George! After a very long and hot summer, the temps are mercifully back into the seventies. Perfect. It’s a great time to be a mountain biker! The mornings are warm enough that only a jacket is needed. Midday can now be embraced. Sleep in, anyone? The sun is […]

Fair Weather Riding?…

November 20, 2017
Youth have many universal desires in common: the desire to succeed, the want for social interaction and acceptance, and the yearning to find life enjoyment. As a future senior at Desert Hills High School, I can attest that students feel internal and external pressures that affect their overall wellness. The health of youth is affected […]

Youth Diaries: Teens,…

July 31, 2017
Predicting change is a tricky business, if you use predicting weather as a guide. Change takes place when intentions are mobilized, reinforced, and become part of your infrastructure. Couples and individuals often ask: “When will my spouse change?” My response varies somewhat from person-to-person (because I use their first name) as I respond: “When you do.” That doesn’t immediately fit within […]

When change happens

July 18, 2017
We have all heard that watching caloric intake, exercising, and eating low-fat foods will help us get fit and healthy. Still, many Americans are fatter, sicker and more depressed than ever. If you have tried to get to your ideal weight, feel energized again, and have healthy hormones, but find yourself struggling to reach your fitness goals, […]

Functional fat burni…

July 16, 2017
For most of my life, I have been involved in basketball and financial management. For this article, I wanted to combine those two great passions of my life to assist you in staying “financially fit”. Financial fitness and success is a lot like basketball. John Wooden, one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time, defined success the following way: “Success is peace of mind, which is a direct […]

Financial fitness: He…

July 16, 2017

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