October 31, 2016

Finding Your “Next”

Find your NEXT

By: Nichole Braegger

Fitness is like the changing seasons. It seems that just when you get used to the heat, the temperature begins to drop, and life moves on in an array of patterns and colors. Even in the fitness world, the changes come. It might be through a colorful sprained ankle, a pattern of pinched nerves, or (in my husband Mark’s case) two major surgeries in less than a month.

As an avid weightlifting junkie, Mark’s “thing” has always been weightlifting. He’s been doing it for over thirty years, and I truly believe that lifting was his “first love.” So you can understand why, after tearing his second rotator cuff, he was concerned that his lifting days might be coming to an end. (I say “might” because nothing stops him.) Though he never complains, in watching him struggle this past year I wanted to help, and so I offered some advice. “Mark,” I said, “I know you love lifting, but I think you should try some new things.” He looked at me with a blank stare. “Really!” I continued, “Just try some different activities—I know that you are going to find your ‘next’.” You know… the next best thing! Well, he wasn’t easily sold on my great idea, but… he’s working on it!

It’s inevitable that, at some point, we will be faced with change and/or hardship, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, or finding out you have osteoarthritis (as I was personally diagnosed with just today). When this happens, we might find that life is put on hold and a flood of questions play with our minds: Can I handle this? How do I handle this? Do I want to handle this? … We might even begin to feel stuck. Trust that soon, grand construction on a new improved you will be put into action—so don’t give up!

My challenge is this: during that time, try something new! Take a cooking class with the lovely Jackie Dodart at Harmons in Santa Clara (trust me, classes are a blast), refurbish an old coffee table with bright chalk paint, or walk a new-to-you trail every week at one of the many beautiful parks right here in our community. As the holidays are approaching, take a moment each day to give thanks, share a smile with a stranger, and open the door for someone just because you can. The point is, get out and try new things! Make it your goal to just have some fun and, by doing the unordinary maybe you will find your NEXT.


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