December 7, 2016


By Liz Witter

I will always remember the first time that I looked into the mirror and experienced my own true beauty. It was not something I had expected to see. As I gazed into the reflection, I understood that I had unexpectedly found something that I had been searching for throughout my entire life. Everything that I had once perceived as beautiful was missing, yet the reflection in the mirror spoke of beauty with profound clarity. I noticed that the six pack of abs, in the past inducing feelings of pride and competitiveness, were buried under a layer of soft fullness. My hair, once cut and dyed to mimic the latest trend, danced around my shoulders wild and free like fire. My eyebrows, once so meticulously drawn and colored, were bare for all to see. My nose (the one I had spent many hours staring at, hoping it would magically shrink) was highlighted with a small green gem. The teeth that had been repeatedly and unsuccessfully bleached looked more discolored than ever. I had given up any effort towards external beauty long ago and suddenly there it was; shining through from the inside.

I have dedicated my life to connection; that invisible, magical force that we all know exists but can barely find words to describe. The difficult, but most worthwhile work I know about. This New Year I invite you to consider joining me to make a resolution that will profoundly impact your life.   Two years ago, on January 1, 2015, I made a resolution that changed my life forever. I resolved to live a life authenticity, at whatever cost. I left a life of false security and fear, and jumped head first into the unknown. This decision did not come easily and only after years of searching. Much time was spent “researching” at the gym, the bar, in the mountains, hot yoga, gardening, raising and butchering chickens, hunting, cheese making classes, learning natural horsemanship, beekeeping classes, a career with lots of money, a good looking boyfriend, and much more. However, not one of these things gave me what I yearned for: connection.

From that date forward I have lived a very simple and powerful life of connection. My thoughts and thus my reality have shifted no less than 100 times. I began a daily movement and mindfulness practice called Qi Gong. I felt the previous separation of mind and body became one fluid connection with new empowering energy. I understood that every person had the power and resources to overcome and create the reality of their choosing, regardless of external realities.

The simple, yet hard to believe truth is that you don’t actually have to change anything about yourself. You already are a beautiful, loving, amazing, creative, needed person. Committing to the work of connection; with something larger than you (a higher power or whichever words you like to use), will take you to a place where you too can look in the mirror and truly see what is already there.

Liz is passionate about helping people to achieve their highest potential by the methods of Equine Facilitated Learning and Qi (pronounced chee) Gong. She is currently studying Sheng Zhen Gong, which translates into the practice of Unconditional Love. Check out her website or email her at


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