March 7, 2017

Body Sculpting:  Improve Your Look Without Surgery


It works! You can improve your body without surgery by doing SculpSure. In just 25 minutes, SculpSure destroys fat cells without need for general anesthesia or pain pills. There is no down time, no uneven skin, and no need to massage the skin after the procedure. Stubborn areas of fat of the lower abdomen and hips are reduced in as little as 6 weeks, with optimal results seen at 12 weeks.

How does it work?

SculpSure achieves these fast, amazing results because it utilizes new, FDA-approved technology. Previous technology involved freezing fat cells for 1 hour treatment sessions, then massaging the treated areas, and sometimes having several days of pain in the treated areas. On the other hand, SculpSure is based on light technology. SculpSure uses a laser frequency (1060 nm) which selectively targets fat cells (adipose). Treatment sessions last less than half of the time of alternative treatments. There is no need to massage the treated area afterwards and the skin is not tender afterwards.

The laser selectively heats the fat cells to high temperatures (between 42-47 C, 107.6-116.6 F). The disrupted fat cells break apart, and their contents are eliminated by your body’s lymphatic system. Those fat cells are then gone…forever. There is up to 24% fat reduction in the treated areas. The laser applicator simultaneously cools the skin so there is no damage to the skin layers.

Studies have verified SculpSure’s efficacy. In multi-state trials involving over 100 patients, there is over 90% patient satisfaction rate. All skin types can be treated. We have verified the efficacy in our own office. (Picture 1)

Are you a candidate?

If you have pinchable fat in the lower abdomen or hips, then you are likely a candidate for SculpSure. Commonly treated areas include the abdomen and flanks. These areas are often called love handles and muffin tops.

If you have abundant fat within the abdomen, but not pinchable fat under the skin, then you may not be a candidate for SculpSure. Morbidly obese patients are not candidates for SculpSure. Individuals undergoing SculpSure should not take anti-inflammatories around the time of treatment.

What should I expect on treatment day?

Your visit will include a general medical review followed by private, standardized photographs at various angles to be used to compare results when you return at the 6 week follow up visit. The desired treatment areas of pinchable fat are then located. The appropriate frames are chosen.  Frames are simply “holders” for the applicators. You may chose to use 2-4 applicators during one session. A variety of frame configurations can be chosen based on the desired results.   (pictures of applicators and frames)

Once the frames are selected, then they are attached to your body with straps. A spray is delivered to the skin to improve contact with the applicators. The applicators are attached to the frames and the treatment begins.

In as little as 4 minutes, the fat cells are warmed to optimal treatment temperatures. The remainder of the treatment cycles with 20 seconds of warming, followed by 5 seconds of cooling. The treatment energy is adjusted by the technician to ensure tolerability and effectiveness.

While the fat cells are heated, you feel a warming sensation, almost a pinching sensation, which builds until the cooling phase. The cycle then repeats until the session terminates. The total treatment time is 25 minutes.

After treatment, you may return to work or any other activity. There are no restrictions after SculpSure treatment other than it is not recommended to take anti-inflammatories, as this interrupts the fat reabsorption process.

While changes can be seen in as little as 6 weeks, optimal results occur at 12 weeks. Repeat treatments can be done in new areas, or in areas of prior treatment.

The world’s first light-based fat-destroying technology is now available at St. George Body Sculpting. Call St. George Body Sculpting at (435) 628-4401 to schedule your appointment.

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