March 9, 2017

Letter from the Editor

Spring is in the air, and to most that means sunshine, flowers, baby animals, and possibly vacations. To me it brings to mind friendships—people that matter in your life, and make an impact to help guide you in whatever direction you want to go.

I can’t imagine my life without the many people whom I love. Friends from my neighborhood, my work, and my personal involvement in people’s lives. I have rodeo friends, girlfriends, guy friends, golf friends, and street friends. Friends who are much wiser than I, some much younger, and some much more outgoing.

This spring, I want to remind those friends—along with the friends I don’t have yet, or friends that have thought I have forgotten them—that they are an important and integral part of this community, this state, and this nation!

What is more important than the people who are sitting next to you, driving down the roads, teaching your children in the classrooms, coaching you, helping you, or even just saying hello to you.

This world needs more friends!

If we focus on making friends and sincerely trying to be open minded, we can live in a much more peaceful place.

Don’t push away a possible friend because of their political views, their religious views, their ethnicity, their gender, or their way of life.

Embrace those “friends” who are going to make a difference in your life; who might open your mind, or your heart; who might be some of the most inspirational and endearing people you will meet.

This is to all of my “friends”… Southern Utah is a wonderful place to be! Let’s pass on the love and make a difference.

Holly Gardner

Editor, SGHW Magazine


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