March 11, 2017

Hormones, Health & Happiness

As the spring and summer months arrive, the warm days and vacation getaways bring with them a joyful excitement, as we carry out our plans. However, all too often our energy levels don’t match our enthusiasm, and we are left feeling worn out and listless. Have you ever considered that the solution can come from having your hormones checked? If you are one of the numerous men and women who suffer from fatigue, muscle loss, or mood swings despite eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising, then getting your hormone levels checked should be on your “To Do List”.

As we age, our hormone levels tend to drop, causing the above symptoms and many more. It is a natural part of life, and is generally unavoidable. However, through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) one can ideally turn back the clock and, in the words of our patients, “make [you] feel like a new person!” Bio-identical hormones identically match the molecular structure of the hormones that your body makes. They are created by a compounding pharmacy and are derived from natural plant sources. By opting to use bio-identical hormones instead of synthetic options, the risks of breast cancer, heart disease and blood clots are lowered. Bringing your hormone levels back to optimal levels can lead to increased energy, libido, and can even stabilize your mood.

Your key to an energetic and fun-filled life may include a visit with Dr. Gayle Carter, a licensed gynecologist specializing in BHRT. After discussing any symptoms, a test of your blood, urine and saliva would point to which hormones your body is lacking. After the initial testing, the interpretation of your test results would then offer solutions to your symptoms.

BHRT is not one size fits all. In order to customize treatment, Dr. Carter builds a relationship with each patient to help target their exact needs, treating them through compounding medications; this ensures that patients will reach and maintain optimal results. Along with BHRT, supplemental replacement may be recommended to encourage the intake of vitamins and minerals. Once you feel better and your hormones are in optimal range, hormone levels will be closely monitored to make sure they stay that way.

Don’t let another day, week, or month go by and leave you feeling exhausted and worn-out. Call Riverside Medical Arts and schedule an appointment to work with your hormones and change your life.



Dr. Gayle Carter has worked in Southern Utah for over thirty years; he follows the current trends of the health world and has developed many options for his patients. He and the staff of Riverside Medical Arts customize treatment for each patient in hormone replacement therapy, weight management, and laser and aesthetic treatments, to help you meet specific lifestyle goals.

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