March 11, 2017

I’m Looking for Seniors Like Me

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to become irrelevant, or an after-thought in today’s world. My choice is to stay active, to stay engaged, and to continue contributing to this world I’ve influenced for 66 years. My goal at this stage is to avoid the fate of so many of our elders, the social isolation and depression, and the dementia that befell our parents who were at one time the greatest generation.

I’ve now helped thousands across the country, and thousands here locally, to choose living and enjoying over the loneliness of isolation. Even people with a mild hearing loss begin to see the effects of aging by removing themselves from activities they once loved (events like concerts, movies, and breakfast with friends at a restaurant) because they don’t want to put themselves in a position where difficulty hearing, embarrassment, or weakness might occur.

The fact is, with the “one solution that restores clarity, boosts speech understanding, and renews your ability to hear important conversations in noise” and my commitment to help my fellow baby-boomers, we can restore your ability to hear clearly, which will allow you to communicate freely and interact naturally while reducing the effects of aging and the risk of cognitive decline.

Yours for an active and healthy future,

Dr. Pam Montgomery-Earl

Doctor of Audiology

Solution for Baby Boomers Enables Staying Younger Longer

Did you know that your brain shrinks as you get older?
Do you suffer from lack of cognition, social isolation, hearing loss, or depression?
Do you engage less with others?

Unleash the Fountain of Youth” with a revolutionary new BrainHearingTM solution

that quickly reduces risk of mental decline!

Southern Utah’s premier health and wellness expert has spent years analyzing and testing the debilitating effects of growing old. That’s why she’s excited to announce this solution that can dramatically reduce cognitive decline by stimulating the activity in your brain.

Do you find yourself engaging less with others? Maybe you don’t hear or comprehend spoken words as well as you used to. This could lead you to become more isolated, more introverted.

You don’t feel up to the challenge of participating in activities or conversation. This kind of isolation can lead to depression and faster decaying of important brain cells.

A reduction in cognitive recognition is not your fault. This is a natural process that happens because as we age, our brains shrink.

The good news is that Pam, a nationally renowned expert on the effects of aging caused by hearing loss, just introduced a new BrainHearingTM Solution from Oticon especially created for baby-boomers. It will allow you a more vibrant outlook on life, the ability to engage regularly with friends and loved ones, heightened participation in conversations and other social activities, less time spent alone or feeling depressed… and it may even reduce your risk of dementia! And best of all – this solution can be tried risk-free with our 100 % Money- Back Guarantee!

Give us a call today at (435) 275-0418 to try this BrainHearingTM Solution risk-free. It will help to keep your mind active, your relationships strong, and your outlook positive. See first-hand why so many baby-boomers have counted on us to make an amazing improvement in their quality of life.

Of course, you could decide to do nothing and continue to decline, participating less in conversations and other activities, understanding and comprehending less, feeling isolated and alone with an ever-increasing sense of depression and hopelessness.

Or, you could take that giant step and schedule your appointment to try the BrainHearingTM Solution right now. Don’t delay – respond today and quickly reduce your likelihood for cognitive decline.


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