January 16, 2018

Writing to Create

By Brigit Atkin

It’s a new year! Have you made that list of New Year’s resolutions yet? In this third and final part of my journaling series, I want to share with you some effective writing tools I’ve acquired over the years. These tools will help transform your written wants into reality. Whether you realize it or not, you are either living with intention or you are merely being reactive. When you are reactive, you are a slave to your emotions. However, when you are a conscious creator, you are taking charge—you are taking responsibility for your life.

Man hand with pen writing on notebook.

Here are some key tips for successful creating:

  • Before you design your new year, pause to contemplate the one that just ended. What were your highs and successes? Take a moment to record how great they felt. Then, examine briefly your lows, your pains. What did they teach you about yourself? There is always something valuable to be gleaned from difficult circumstances, so jot down those things so you can take those valuable lessons going forward.
  • Select a mantra. Choose a word or phrase that will highlight the year to come. If, for example, you suffered poor health last year, you might list the words STRENGTH, WHOLENESS, or maybe VITALITY. Your mantra will have the power to change your course, so choose the word or phrase thoughtfully.
  • Write in the present tense. Always write as if what you desire in the future already exists in the present. This tells the subconscious mind that what you want is real, which then plants the seed of change. Instead of writing, “I want to lose 10 pounds,” put down, “It feels great being 10 pounds lighter!”
  • Journal in specific detail. Just as a house plan requires detailed instructions, so does your successful life. If it’s a better job you want, describe that job in as much detail as possible. This will help your mind construct the realization of your design.
  • Remember that you create with God. We often don’t understand our potential, but God does. You weren’t meant to navigate this world alone, so when you map out this new year remember that He is your guide as you learn and grow.
  • Trust and surrender. Once a desire has been stated, give it some time and don’t panic if things don’t happen immediately. “A watched pot never boils.”
  • Or something better. My friend and mentor Carolyn Cooper taught me this. At the bottom of every situation you create, you should write “or something better” at the end. No matter how big we dream, we always manage to limit ourselves. All things are possible, so make sure you include this phrase in your writing.
  • Practice the magical art of gratitude. Be grateful, no matter what shows up. This life is your journey, and you should be learning something every day. Sincere gratitude for even the smallest of manifestations has an uncanny way of clearing the way for bigger and more magnificent things.
  • Whatever you put out there comes back. This is the universal Law of Vibration in action. Make sure your thoughts, words, and actions are on the high vibrational level you want to match.
  • Envision what you want in your mind. Seeing it play out on the stage of your mind, while experiencing the happy emotion that accompanies it will help cement your goals into every cell of your being.

If you are not actively creating your life, you are merely reacting to what life hands you. This puts you in defense mode, where your desires find it hard to break through and become realized. When you write to create you are using one of the tools God gave you to be both proactive about your life and to respond with spiritual maturity to anything that comes your way. Writing is healing. Writing is recording the highlights, defeats, and lessons of your life. It is a way to de-stress, to calm, to clear a cluttered mind. And, it is a powerful means to bring about a happy, successful, healthy, and prosperous life.

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