March 10, 2018

Getting your Life Back: An Innovative Approach to Pain & Wellness

By Southwest Healing & Wellness

Pain impacts our lives. For most of us, pain comes and goes and we are able to work through the challenges that come. For some, pain comes and doesn’t go away. It can be difficult, frustrating and life-changing. Physical pain that comes from an accident, disease, surgery or medical condition is one type of pain. Other forms of pain come from grief, depression, anxiety, work stress, relationship difficulties, and life balance concerns. Some forms of pain come from the way we eat, our sleep patterns and how we take care of our bodies. Whether the pain is physical, emotional, relational or spiritual, it can be challenging.

Research is pretty clear – all these areas (mind, body, heart, and spirit) are all connected. Pain in one area impacts pain in other areas. However, the traditional methods of treating pain have often been segmented and haven’t always considered all these areas. We know now that the most effective methods of treating pain (physical, mental and emotional) is through a wholistic, collaborative approach in which multiple types of professionals are working together on multiple areas of one’s life as a team.

For example, someone experiencing pain physically will likely benefit from a certain type of diet that will reduce inflammation, exercise and stretching in a manner that is tailored to the muscles and joints that need strengthening and increased flexibility, mindfulness and behavioral techniques that will help cope with and manage the pain, relationship support to bring friends and family in to help as needed, and supportive wellness services such as the use of a hyperbaric chamber or yoga. These types of services combined with effective medical interventions will bring about the most success.

Unfortunately, some people have experienced so much pain that they are currently taking high dosages of opioids for various reasons. Current federal and state guidelines are leading physicians to reduce opioid usage and seek alternative treatments. In fact, best practices suggests that pain is more effectively managed for most when opioids are reduced as you introduce various behavioral, relational, and wellness interventions. An integrated, collaborative approach will help the person on high dosages feel much better. They will have a much fuller life.

Southwest Healing & Wellness has formed one of the first integrated, collaborative teams in Utah to address people dealing with pain at various levels. Whether the pain is physical or emotional or if the situation is acute or chronic, the team can assess and provide the best treatment plan for someone to have the best life possible. For those needing opioid reduction, several intensive outpatient and day treatment programs are available to help get people to a better place. For physicians and providers that need support to address opioid usage, reduction or supportive services, we are able to evaluate and recommend a collaborative plan. For more information, visit or call us at 435-218-7778.

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