March 10, 2018

Making an Impact in Southern Utah – The American Red Cross

We most often think of the American Red Cross when a hurricane hits the Eastern United States, or when there is an earthquake, mudslide, or fire in California. You may hear about them when there is a publicized need for blood nationally. The Red Cross is seemingly everywhere when need is the most critical and where suffering is the greatest. But who helps us here in St. George both to prepare for and deal with a disaster?

For over 100 years, the Red Cross has been helping with disasters small and large, not only nationally, but also in Washington County and many other counties throughout the state. Thankfully, we haven’t seen major disasters lately in St. George, but regardless, the Red Cross is here to save and preserve.


If we think about it, we have seen them in action locally – after the floods in Hilldale several years back, after the Brianhead fire last summer, and whenever a fire drives a family from their home – our local Red Cross responds. In 2017, the Red Cross responded to 9 single family home fires by providing a place for the family to stay and making sure that their needs were met during the crisis. One single mother who was made homeless along with her two daughters because of a sudden fire, said this to a Red Cross volunteer: “I’m doing better. It’s been a long road, but I’m grateful for people like you who have helped me thru this.”


Red Cross volunteers are here not only to respond after a disaster, but are working to help you prepare for and prevent disasters too. Over the last 8 months, Red Cross volunteers have placed 204 smoke alarms in homes in Southern Utah as part of their Home Fire Safety Awareness work, developed 68 “Homes Made Safer” plans, led a number of “Pillowcase Projects” in local elementary schools, and conducted multiple “Hands Only CPR” trainings.

This year you’ll not only see Red Cross volunteers in many of the local parades riding in awesome ERV’s (emergency response vehicles), but you’ll likely also see us walking your neighborhood to promote Home Fire Safety and installing smoke alarms, conducting blood drives, or speaking in your child’s elementary school on our Pillowcase Project. Come join us in our next activity! Be a part of the lifesaving work of the American Red Cross.




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