March 12, 2018

Letter from our Editors

The arrival of spring marks the end of our family’s second winter in Southern Utah. With the milder temperatures and sunny skies, winter here is not only bearable but enjoyable. Being able to enjoy the outdoors in January is just one of the many reasons we love Southern Utah. No doubt many of you, like us, took advantage of the winter season to stay active and be outdoors. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Early spring is the perfect time of year to take up a new hobby or to get out on one of the hiking trails. With summer not too far ahead of us, we are focusing our efforts on our fitness and nutrition goals, especially since Justin was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two years ago. We are always looking for good ways to manage his high and low blood sugars, so staying active and eating well are key for us. However, we admit we still find it challenging and know that it’s a matter of setting goals and staying consistent. We notice that it’s easier to eat well when we’re already doing so. The same is true when we’re not in the habit of eating well. Our bodies get used to what we give it regularly: we crave more of the same. Working harder this spring to create healthy habits is a top priority for us. We are excited to take our two little girls on hikes and outings and to have them come along with us for their first 5K…in a jogger, of course! So if you see us out and about, come say hello.

The warmer springtime weather also brings with it many exciting community events. One of these events, the Dixie Power Kite Festival, will be held at Dixie State University on April 21, 2018. Even before we moved to Southern Utah, we had the opportunity to experience this event. A few years ago, Justin got to dress up as Captain America to help out with one of the booths. We really enjoyed being part of the fun and are looking forward to going again this year with our family.

We are also looking forward to attending our first St. George Art Festival, which will be held at Town Square on March 30-31, 2018. We have heard such positive comments about the artists, the food, and the entertainment that we can hardly wait to participate. We hope you will join us at this event to soak up some of the friendly atmosphere and Dixie sunshine. We are grateful for this wonderful community and the family-friendly events that bring us together.

We know you will enjoy this issue of the magazine. The articles are meant to assist and motivate you to meet your health and wellness goals and to provide you with a sense of community that is such an important part of the Southern Utah experience.

– Justin & Kristi Osmond

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