March 12, 2018

Summit Athletic Annual Weight Loss Challenge

No better time than the present to reach your Summit!

By Kara Kopf

It’s that time of year again. The sun is joining us a little longer each day and warming up our world. With nothing but longer, sunny, and active-filled days ahead of us, it’s time to get our minds and bodies ready to play!

Summit’s Weight Loss Challenge has been a summertime kick-off here in breathtaking St George for the last four years—and this year is no different. The Southern Utah area, our health conscious community, and our Summit Superstar Staff and fabulous facilities offer amazing and active opportunities for all ages, shapes, and sizes.

We invite YOU—our friend, our neighbor, and our community—to participate in Summit’s 5th Annual Weight Loss Challenge. With no-cost signups, and with an official start date of March 1st, you’ll step up to the challenge and watch yourself set and accomplish health, weight, and mind/body goals over the next four weeks. Summit has everything you need to help you succeed. We want to have the best summer ever!

Summit offers a full-scale health club facility with over 150 fitness classes per week—all included as a Summit Weight Loss Challenge Participant. In addition, Summit offers exceptional programs such as swimming/aquatics, tennis/pickleball, youth programs, personal training and more!

Our personal training department consists of professional trainers who lead busy, stressful lives just like the rest of us. They are a tremendous resource and have mastered the art of a balanced lifestyle.

Meet one of our full-time trainers, Sheri Romney. As one of the busiest people we know, Sheri continues to reach her goals, see success, and motivate those around her. Being a wife, mother of 4, dog owner of 2, a personal trainer, teaching 12 Fitness Classes per week, and working in a hospital, she knows how to make the most of her time. We had a moment to sit down with Sheri for a quick Q&A:

What time do you wake up each day?

Typically between 5 and 7 a.m.


5am?! Aren’t you exhausted? How much sleep do you aim to get each night? Do you think enough sleep is important?

My goal is 7 to 8 hours per night. Absolutely, sleep is important. I am not as overwhelmed when I get enough sleep. It’s like getting to push a reset button.


Your name is all over Summit’s Fitness Class Schedule. You teach a variety of styles and formats. Do you have a favorite?

I love kickboxing, it melds strength and cardio, but I also love Group Power.


There is so much fitness information out there: weights, cardio, stretching etc. It’s never ending and can be quite overwhelming. What’s your favorite, least favorite, and how do they benefit someone trying to lose weight?

They are all important. For short term: cardio; long term: weights, and for anything: stretching is so important. It’s the only thing you should be doing every day of the week.


You teach more than most people work out, do you still feel a need to plan your own workouts?

Yes, teaching isn’t for me, it’s for the people attending the class.


Everyone is unique. How do you help so many different fitness levels and personalities plan out their week?

I go through the days of the week with them. We figure out their “Have Tos” – those things that they have to do. We figure out what days need to be cardio days and what days need to be weight training days and then we schedule the times that work for their schedule. It’s just like scheduling an appointment or a meeting.


You’ve been doing this for a long time, and always seem so excited to come to work. What do you like most about being a personal trainer?

The connection and being 1-on-1 with your client. Seeing them reach their goals is really rewarding.


Summit’s Weight Loss Challenge is coming up soon. If someone wanted to go all-in with goals for their body and the weight loss challenge, what advice would you give them?

First thing is they have to track their food. Keep a journal to keep track of the calories. I believe you have to be willing to cut out sweets as well as remember your calories on the weekend. With the exercise, you need to commit to 5 workouts a week.


Rumor has it you’re a SUPERHERO! You recently saved someone’s life in the gym. Tell us about it.

Working in the hospital, as well as studying to be a nurse, I have seen people die, and I also knew I couldn’t do it wrong. Sometimes it’s surreal to use your CPR skills, but you respond because you know you can help. I have been CPR certified for 20 years. It’s all about staying calm.


You are so passionate about what you do. Your love for health has taken you from being a fitness instructor to a personal trainer, and now working in the hospital. What’s it like to work in the emergency room? How do you put those two jobs together, and how would you say that influences your health?

The hospital is my happy place; I have always loved that environment. Seeing people get healthy and being part of that system in those ways adds fulfillment to my life. As far as how it influences my health, seeing those different levels of health really influences your life choices. Preventing chronic illnesses means consistently making good choices each and every day. It’s a lot easier to be preventative.


It’s not always easy getting up in the morning. When you’re exhausted and want to stay in bed, what’s your trick-of-the-trade to get up and start your day?

You won’t regret getting out of bed early, and luckily I have people who depend on me to get out of bed. However, if I didn’t, I would think people need to remember how they feel after their workout when they get out of bed early to get that done.


When you are not in the gym or at the hospital, we usually find you out playing with your family—hiking, repelling, and other activities. You are always moving. What about it do you enjoy so much?

I have to attribute that to my father. He taught us kids to “earn your sleep.” Work hard, play hard, and sleep hard.


What do you think about Summit’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge?

I love the idea that it gives people an external motivator and a community of people trying to do the same thing while giving them the tools to help them succeed.


What advice would you give the contestants?

Understand this is not a perfect straight line from A to B. This line will get squiggly and have lots of ups and downs, but remember it’s about consistency. Consistency always wins out!


Join Sheri and the Summit Staff for the 2018 Summit Weight Loss Challenge. Call 435-628-5000 or check out our website,, for additional information. We can’t wait to see you at The Summit!

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