May 5, 2018

A Meditation:  Always Practice Being Yourself

By Jasher and Lisa Feellove, BeHot Yoga


Being you requires movement and rhythm. Standing beside the Ocean, she spoke this to me today. Her being IS movement and flow. Everything vibrates, and nothing rests. I can feel this movement all around. If I close my eyes, I can feel the air moving, the roll of the waves, and the salty ocean breeze. The sea is connected to the firmament, and the firmament to the sea. The sky is part water, and the water part sky, each sharing the element of oxygen.


The body is the movement of Earth (flesh), Water (blood), Air (breath), Fire (Heart), Space (consciousness).


Movement is the quintessence of life.



Each one of us, our own selves, are not static. We are ever being and becoming in this reality. To “know thyself” is not a one-time occurrence. It is dynamic and continuous, and happening always. We know ourselves, and then we change. We think we know another, but then they change. Everything changes, and yet the archetypes remain the same. To live in a true moment-by-moment awareness is to just be. Proceeding into the eternal Now, our Being is not predicated by the past, nor possessed by the future. Time and space work in tandem to create the unique perspective of forgetting. Simultaneously each day, our own practice of living leverages and harnesses change.  Some days we may get it right, and others not so much. Practice is movement. Practice is the outer-reflection of the inner-work. Practice is the process of remembering “out of time” and past our amnesia of who we truly are and where we came from before. The Sea becomes herself in movement. To cease to move freely for her is to become ice. The law of polarity is exhibited in the North and South Poles. In this, she returns to a state of potential or stasis, and not a continual being. The Sun gives its warmth so she can move. Eons ago, when the entire sea was frozen, she shared with me this secret, “I forgot who I was, I couldn’t move, my mind was stuck.” The face of the deep is ice. In that deep are so many things hidden, as is within our own being. If we but allow the light, the heat, the sun to melt the layers and expose the depths of our own soul, we become free.


The first meditation was for light. “Let there be light.” In this heart-centered meditation, a great fire began. The Sun shone and the great Sea was made free to be. Awareness, or light, precedes being. Just like the Sea, our being is liberated by light and warmth. Innate in our soul, is this light and warmth within. A human being can meditate, and see without senses, and can form words. Our language is the most valuable technology we have. One can say, “Let there be light”, and liberate themselves. The Sea states “you can do this…I had to wait for the Sun”.

We each can master the art of moving from the state of forgetfulness, or ice, to another, and resume the enlightenment of being, like the Sea.



This is the movement of Mind (meditation), into word (let there be light), into action, (movement), and then into form (being). This posture of our own being is the embodiment in entirety of this process. This can be called “Meditation”.

A meditation: Always practice being yourself.

This requires movement and rhythm. The ocean taught me this today.


Just Be


Jasher & Lisa Feellove


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