May 12, 2018

Inspire Others Through Your Own Self-Improvement

Tiffany K. Gust BS, CPT, USAT, SNC


Do you need fitness motivation? Check out the St. George Ironman or any other endurance event. After watching these amazing athletes cross the finish line, you are likely filled with emotion and perhaps even the motivation to complete a triathlon. Maybe you thought to yourself “there is no way that I could possibly do that.” Many just like you have had that same dream, and then just months later completed their first race. Weather it’s about reaching deep into your soul and believing in that dream, or a way to improve your fitness, you CAN do a triathlon. First select a race and figure out how many weeks you have to train. Is the swim in a pool or open water? What is the distance of the race? Below is the breakdown of the distance for triathlons.

  • Now that you’ve selected a race, commit to training.   Develop a training plan by either hiring a triathlon coach or following a consistent plan.   Based on your goals, make sure that the plan meets your time availability, your strengths and your weaknesses. The plan should include base training, speed and endurance work along with some drills.


  • Fuel your body with the right nutrition. Many athletes race so they can eat the foods they want. I recommend that you look at your food as fuel and eat healthy so that your body will feel good while you train.


  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!! Plain old’ water does the trick if training is less than 60 minutes. Listen to your body, and use electrolyte tablets or sports drinks if you are a heavy sweater, exercise in the heat or duration longer than an hour. Dehydration is a big problem among triathletes, and electrolyte imbalances can cause some serious health issues. As a general rule, drink half your weight in ounces. For example if you were 140 lbs., you should drink 70 oz. of water. Then add more if you are exercising. Hydration is very personal and you need to become aware of your body and its needs.


  • Think positive!! I tell my athletes, “The difference between I CAN and I CAN’T is what you tell yourself, because either way you are RIGHT. “ What are you telling yourself RIGHT NOW? The mind is a powerful force and can stand in the way of your dreams. Just as you train the body, you need to train the mind.

To join the local triathlon club visit:

2018 Southern Utah Triathlon Club (SUTC)

President: Shawn Jaca



May 19th Sand Hollow Triathlon

June 2nd Hurricane Triathlon

September 8th Kokopelli Triathlon


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