May 12, 2018

One Family at a Time

By Anna DuPree, Board Member, One Family


One Family is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping Southern Utah – one family at a time. There are so many wonderful groups in the world who help people in small ways. It is our goal to make a life changing difference to one family at a time, in whatever way we can. We know that each family or individual situation will be different. When a family or individual is referred for help to One Family, we sit down with each and determine their needs: Do they need more education? We can help with tution! Do they need a reliable car to get to work? We can help make that a reality! Do they need childcare? We can help with that!


Over the next few months, we will be taking nominations for families and individuals that could use our help. We look forward to helping those in need in Southern Utah – one family at a time!

If you have someone you would like to nominate to receive help, please call (435)773-2683 or visit us at



“One Family” by Anonymous

There is much to worry about these days,

With calamities of humanity and the heart,

There is much to think about and fret,

Too much that divides us apart.

Hustle and bustle and deep-sunk eyes,

Full of pressures and unknowns.

Over here and over there and…somewhere,

Lost in a deserted storm.

Spending time and money and character,

Trying to quench a thirst,

Paying too much time to differences,

Forgetting that we all hurt.

Amid all the chaos,

Hidden behind the crowd,

A voice, a light, a spark, a hope,

Softly sings what we know deep inside:

“We are all brothers and sisters,

We all have a light that burns,

We all have dreams and needs,

We all carry heavy stones.”

Look at that person in front of you,

Really see them – as they are,

Hold your hand out and squeeze,

The lonely hand, the forgotten heart.

Let go of past pains and hurts,

Savor the balm of the healing heart,

Let go of petty worries, things;

Wipe away the blindness of – unimportant.

Whether that person is on the street,

Or looking back at you in the mirror,

A stranger, a friend, a past,

An anchor or a thorn.

A fleeting ship, a blip,

An unknown future, a storm;

The spirit screams and whispers,

Something desperate, so alone:

“Be kind, let go, find peace,

Don’t let this moment pass,

Be brave, heal and know,

We are one family in the end.”




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