July 8, 2018

What is your favorite sound?

What is your favorite sound? Mine is of my daughter laughing. It just fills my heart with joy to hear her sounding so happy. Recently during a local mission trip to the southeast corner of Utah I had an experience that I will never forget. I was just finishing blow drying my hair and had turned off the blow dryer when the unexpected happened. I had my first (and hopefully last) case of sudden hearing loss. I couldn’t hear anything…seriously… nothing at all. I started to panic and just kept thinking that this couldn’t happen to me. I had heard of this happening to other people but never thought that it would happen to me. I took a few…okay many, deep breaths and was able to calm myself down. I started doing different things to see if my ears would ”pop” After several minutes of complete silence, sound returned. I am not sure if you can even imagine the relief that I felt. It was then that I heard my favorite sound, my daughter laughing with her mother-in-law in the other room.

As the Director of the Sound of Life Foundation, I speak with people daily about the importance of hearing loss and how we cannot take it for granted. Hearing loss not only affects your ability to hear, it affects your balance, productivity, relationships, brain health and overall quality of life. It affects over 37.5 million American Adults. Of those more than 80% have treatable hearing loss or loss that can be improved with the use of either hearing aids or a cochlear implant.

Though my hearing did return, I was grateful for the experience. I can now better sympathize with the many people who come to us for help. Many people have hearing loss that has worsened over time without realizing the effects until others noticed the loss. Don’t delay! If you feel like you are missing words or are getting confused with what people say, get your hearing tested. Soon. And after being tested, if you find that you are financially unable to afford treatment, we are here to help you.

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