July 11, 2018

Safe Ways to Stay Fit in the St. George Heat!

By Terra Oliphant

With the dry, scorching temperatures of St George, you can easily talk yourself out of tackling another workout. Exercising outside during the summer months can be unappealing, not to mention dangerous. Instead of using the heat as an excuse to skip your workout, maybe it’s time to shake it up and try something new!

Climb the Dixie Hill Indoors

Hop on a treadmill to sculpt your lower body with a strong climb up the Dixie Hill at the peak of your endurance run. After a quick warm up, set your climb a little harder than normal using the treadmill speed and incline settings. You can safely push yourself faster and harder all summer, even with the boiling temperatures outside. Challenge not only your body but also your mind! Decide on a set time and don’t short yourself with a minute left on that timer – keep going until the end!

Be the Sunrise

There is something so invigorating about waking up before the sun. Your mind and body can be just as empowering as the rising sun. Take a class in the early hours of the morning. Enjoy the strength of chisel, the speed of spin, or the Zen of yoga. Try them all to find the right fit for you! Then, remember to go back for more. Every time the sun, in all its power and glory rises to greet another day, ask yourself if you greet the day with that same power. You have the ability to control your mind and your body, and let your sun rise from within!

Suit Up!

Grab your swimsuit and head to the pool for a great workout! Join the members attending Aqua Fit, or get your groove on at Aqua Jam. Have you ever wondered what’s SUP? Stand Up Paddleboard is a blast. Join the crowd laughing their way through a class trying to know what’s SUP! Be sure to wear sunscreen! Summer sunburns can put a damper on anyone’s fun days. If you’re not having fun working out, today is the day to change that – agua is where it’s at!

Pick Up a Racket

St George is falling in love with pickleball. Grab a racket and sweat out the worries of life on the court. You may want to start early or end late to beat the heat, but this is a sport everyone should try. If pickleball isn’t your thing, try out tennis – my first love with a racket. Find a new you and get on the court!

Dance in the Rain

I love running outdoors, but the summer makes me forget that completely. When it starts to sprinkle, there is nothing more soothing to my soul than a rain-run! Don’t forget to dance when it pours! Rain is a rare commodity here. My soul dances when it rains, and it’s a great reminder for my feet to follow. The rain cools me off, and is a nice change of pace from my usual super-sweaty outings.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Remember – the warmer the temps, the greater the chance of dehydration. Your health is the priority. I can’t say it enough – no matter what activity you enjoy, don’t forget your water! St George is a place of heat, and most of us live here because we love the weather. Because of this, water should be our best friend. With all the new, stylish, 24-hour cold water containers available, it is easy to find something you will like carrying around to stay cool and hydrated.

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