September 6, 2018

Brain Integration

By Caden Jensen, Owner of Brainpower of Southern Utah

The first time I realized that I had a learning problem was when I was in the first grade. I remember sitting next to a teacher who asked me to do some reading with her. She had selected a book that was, according to her, on my reading level. The teacher turned to a page with a picture spanning both pages and a sentence that ran beneath the picture. First, she covered the picture so that only the words were visible. She then asked me to read the sentence aloud. I remember reading the words with decent speed and accuracy for my age. Then the teacher covered the words that I had just read and asked me what the sentence was talking about. My mind went completely blank. The words I had just read had no meaning to me. All I could say was “I don’t know.” The teacher gave me several chances to succeed, but I finished with the same result: “I don’t know.”

I had a specific learning problem: I had no comprehension. The problem was worse when I was reading to myself and was only slightly better when I read aloud. Math was also extremely difficult because of my lack of comprehension.

My problems got worse in the fourth grade. I had a teacher who didn’t understand me, and her solution to my unknown problem was to tell me to try harder. That year was my most difficult, and as a result, my parents decided to try homeschooling me and my siblings.

Being educated at home was very helpful because it gave me time to work at my own pace and gave my parents freedom to try different approaches. However, I still struggled, especially with reading. As a result, I didn’t enjoy reading; I avoided it.

When I was 14 years old, my parents learned about brain integration. At the time, one of my brothers had mild autism with a severe learning disability. Naturally, he became the first in my family to receive brain integration services. His miraculous results led me to receive the same services two years later.

When I received brain integration, I had been back in public school for about a year and a half. My brain integration took 8 hours to complete. It was a long day, and I didn’t notice any immediate differences. Two days later, I was back in school, and my world was changing. Math concepts made perfect sense the first time I heard them. Over time, I saw improvements when speaking in public and expressing myself. I felt I had more control over my emotions. My comprehension problem became a memory, and the more I read and studied, the more my reading skills and comprehension improved. Within a few years, people started acknowledging my ability to comprehend and retain information.

With my success came a sense of duty to share the gift of brain integration with others. I became a certified brain integration technique practitioner in 2015 and have been helping children and adults in southern Utah for the past 3 years. Now, I am  joining the Center for Couples and Families to create the Center for Dyslexia and Learning.

To schedule an appointment for brain integration, contact the St. George Center for Couples and Families. For additional information, contact Caden Jensen at 435-669-3774 or

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