September 6, 2018

Foot Zone Therapy

By Alicia Runolfson

Ancient civilizations understood the reflex connections, known as signals, located in the hands and in the feet that connect with the organs and systems of the body. Evidence has been found that ancient cultures in Egypt, Asia, and other places in the world worked on the body through the feet. This practice has continued through the ages. In the 1930s, Dr. Eunice Ingham began her study of reflexology and zone therapy and created the maps of the feet that we’re familiar with today. She published her findings in her book Stories the Feet Can Tell Through Reflexology. Because of her tremendous contribution to the modality, she has been called the Mother of Reflexology. In the 1970s, Dr. Charles Ersdal of Norway used reflexology and other alternative modalities to heal his body after suffering a stroke. Through all of his studies, he created what is known as Foot Zone Therapy.

Using the detailed mapping of the body and the foot zone technique, a trained and certified Foot Zone Balance Practitioner is able to access the body through the feet to restore balance in the body. An analogy of a computer is often used to demonstrate how Foot Zone Therapy works. Just like a keyboard would be used to access the processing unit of a computer, the feet are used as the keyboard to access the brain and systems of the body.  A computer that’s been running for a long period of time will not operate at its optimal capacity. In order for it to operate at optimal capacity, the computer needs to be defragmented and rebooted. A Foot Zone Therapy session is comparable to “defragmenting” and “rebooting” the body by balancing the body’s internal vibration, creating an ideal environment for the body to encourage natural healing.

Foot Zoning not only accesses the physical body but also invites balance into the emotional, spiritual, and mental energy bodies. With such a wide range of benefits from Foot Zone Therapy,  infants to the elderly can enjoy improved vitality and health. Benefits may include reduced feelings of stress and anxiety, relief from symptoms of chronic illnesses, improved sleep, reduction of head tension, improved digestive function, and much more. Foot Zone Therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment but is a great complementary treatment to support the health of the body’s systems.

About the author:

Alicia Runolfson is a certified Foot Zone Practitioner and the owner of  St. George Foot Zone, which serves the residents of the southern Utah and Nevada. She finds joy in serving each of her clients and feels it a privilege to practice her trade. She is also a certified Foot Zone Therapy Instructor for the We Do Feet seminars training program and loves to empower other with techniques to allow them to help others. She enjoys doing yoga, being in the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, and dancing.

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