November 14, 2018

The Sounds of the Season

By The Sound of Life Foundation


It’s that wonderful time of year again! It’s a time for celebration and gratitude. It’s a time to share with others and to enjoy the company of friends and relatives. During the holidays, I love gathering with family to discuss the many things that have gone on during the year. I love feeling the fall breeze and hearing the crunching of leaves. My favorite things to hear during the holidays are the soft jingling bells and the Christmas music that seems to be heard at every store and on every street corner in the community.

I can’t imagine what my life would be like without these wonderful sounds. What if you couldn’t hear any of these things? What if you couldn’t understand what your family was saying, so you decided that it would be better (and easier) for you to spend the holidays alone? Hearing the sounds of life is indeed a gift that must be cherished, but there are many individuals in our community and in our families that are experiencing social isolation due to hearing loss. It can be very frustrating and overwhelming when all you can hear is noise, and there is no clarity.


Some time ago, I had a conversation with a Sound of Life Foundation applicant and her daughter, Maureen. As I explained the effects of hearing loss to them, Maureen, expressed her frustration at her mother, who would go sit in a corner during family gatherings. What she didn’t understand was that her mother was just hearing a lot of noise without being able to understand what was being said. I recently received a phone call from Maureen, and she wanted to express the joy she was feeling and how grateful she was that her mom received hearing aids from the Sound of Life Foundation. Maureen had not realized the impact of hearing loss on her family. She let me know that her mom now felt the confidence to participate and interact with the family.


Our hearing is something we often take for granted. When we realize that there are people out there who can’t enjoy family gatherings because of hearing loss, how can we not be grateful for the gift of hearing? Did you know that you can give the gift of hearing to someone desperately in need? Many individuals are financially restricted and can’t afford to treat their hearing loss. Give thanks for your hearing, and donate to the Sound of Life Foundation to help others enjoy the sounds of the season.


It is my wish that with your help, individuals suffering due to hearing loss can receive the hearing healthcare they need so that they can truly enjoy this holiday season with their families!


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