November 14, 2018

What is Your Highlight?

By Jack Rolfe


“The most important things in life aren’t things.”

Anthony J. D’Angelo

My wife, Lexie, and I recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary by taking an Alaskan cruise. For those of you now trying to guess our age, we got married at age 5. Ha-ha. Actually, we were both 19, so there you go!

On our trip, we enjoyed numerous adventures. After catching a flight from Las Vegas, our journey began in Anchorage, Alaska. We boarded the Alaskan railroad and headed to Seward on a beautiful and peaceful 4½-hour ride, passing by the sea coast, through the rain forest, and alongside glaciers while spotting wildlife along the route. That portion alone could have been called a complete trip!


At the small town of Seward, we boarded our cruise ship, which was the Celebrity Millennial. Because it was my first cruise, I did not realize how large the vessel would be! It was a floating hotel holding 2,100 passengers plus the crew. I was amazed that it could actually float! We set off, and while heading to the inner passage, fell in love with the grandeur of the Alaskan Coastline.

The first day, we came up close and personal to the Hubbard Glacier. We passed by icebergs to get to the face of the glacier, which was 400 feet tall. This beautiful piece of nature was 6 miles wide at the base coming into the ocean. We witnessed a chunk the size of a building falling off. It’s hard to adequately describe what we were seeing!


It was fun to explore the ports of call along the way. First, we landed in Skagway and took a hike through part of the temperate rainforest, which covers 17 million square miles. Breathtaking! Our second city was Juneau, the capital of Alaska. There, we rode the tram to the top of Mt. Roberts and visited an Alaskan husky summer camp. At the camp, we rode a dog sled and got to interact with our team of Alaskan huskies and their puppies. Next stop was the small village of Hoonah at the Icy Strait Point. The only way to this village is by boat or plane, which is common in this wonderful state. While at Hoonah, we rode the world’s largest zipline, which started at the height of the empire state building and traveled for one mile over the rainforest to the sea coast at speeds of 60 mph. We stepped out of our comfort zone for this one, but it was great! The next city was Ketchikan where we rode a float plane over the Misty Fjords. We ended up in Vancouver, British Columbia, where we explored the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and many other Canadian sites. From there, we flew back to Las Vegas and home to St. George. I forgot to mention that we saw the Northern Lights and lucked out with 70-degree weather in September! Wow! Once at home, we settled back into our busy lives of work, church, and community service.


A couple of days after returning, someone asked me, “What was your highlight of the trip?” I thought for a brief moment and realized my highlight was the opportunity of spending all of my time—24/7—during this ten-day period with my lovely bride! We saw and experienced many grand things, but the best part was being with her!

So, I ask, “What is your highlight?” As you go about life with its many responsibilities and things to do, please take the time to reflect upon what is truly important to you. In most cases, this will be the family members, friends, and associates you cherish and love. As you keep this in perspective, your life will be enriched!


“Action expresses priorities.”

Mahatma Gandhi


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