January 16, 2019

All Things Art

By Merrie Campbell-Lee

In year two of its existence, The Center for the Arts at Kayenta has a lineup of events that will draw even bigger crowds.

At a time when entertainment is literally at our fingertips, it’s easy to get distracted and simply forget that a live performance is often so much more meaningful than watching something on a screen. Take, for example, the way you feel when you’re sitting in a production, and you absorb all the positive energy generated as the audience rises in unison to express their shared sense of awe at a musician’s brilliant performance. Or when you’re gulping back tears watching a heartfelt scene in a play. Or when you feel this sudden connection to the dancer who just leapt his way into your soul.

In its inaugural year, the Center for the Arts at Kayenta (CFAK) housed more than 50 live performances. Thousands of people took their seats in the intimate, state-of-the-art Lorraine Boccardo black box theatre, and they left that live theater experience feeling enriched, enlightened, and of course, entertained.

CFAK has events that appeal to a variety of interests.The spring season kicks off on January 19th with Newfangled Four, an international, award-winning barbershop quartet out of California. Music lovers of all ages will be smitten by the gorgeus blended harmonies of the group’s sound and by the troupe’s hilarious banter between songs. Next on the calendar is Jake’s Women, which runs January 23rd through January 26th. One of playwright Neil Simon’s cleverest comedies, Jake’s Women is about a writer who loses his love…and his marbles. February 15th through February 17th—just in time for a romantic date with a partner—Broadway star John Smitherman returns with four of his friends after giving a highly successful performance of My Broadway last fall.   

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit KayentaArts.com or call 435-674-2787. Happy New Year! See you at the theatre!


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