January 16, 2019

Becoming What You Seek

By Jasher Feellove

What is the difference between a sage and a philosopher? This was once a point of deep contemplation. What is the difference between seeking and finding? In the seeking, there is a form of intentionally. In the finding, there is a form of acquisition. “Become internally that which you seek externally.” The philosopher is the one who (seeks) love’s wisdom. The sage has become wisdom and love.  

While analyzing the concept of love, Socrates concluded love is that which lacks the object it seeks. Therefore, the philosopher (ancient Greek meaning lover of wisdom) does not have the wisdom sought. On the other hand, the sage (sophos) does not love or seek wisdom, for the sage has realized it within himself. In the internal quest, I have come to understand that Feeling is the gateway or bridge between Seeking and Being (finding). Those who seek wisdom begin as the philosopher. We feel love as the nature of our being. We be until being comes doing. We do until our doing becomes being. The Tao refers to this as wu wei: doing, not doing. St. James says, “Be a doer.”

In this, we resume our true nature in this realm and become Love (ourselves).  



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