January 16, 2019

Nutritional Daily Resolutions

We’ve all made (and will likely continue to make) outrageously idealistic resolutions at the dawn of the new year. We then find ourselves not quite as committed when February rolls around. This year, let’s start where success is easy and be content with a few foundational and totally sustainable baby-steps that will keep you headed in the right direction.

That being said, here are a few beneficial, whole-istic “nutritional dailies” to consider bringing along on your successful journey this year.


Take time to breathe—deeply, intentionally, and as often as possible—all the fresh, clean air (and good vibes) you can find. Oxygen literally feeds and fuels every cell of your body. Taking full, deep breaths does wonders for exporting toxins, carcinogens, artificial dyes, fat cells, synthetic chemicals, negativity, stress, depression, and anxiety out of your body and life forever.



Sunlight alone is life itself, and without it, we’d all die. Let’s greet the sun daily and welcome it with gratitude (along with some clean sunscreen, if you need it). If you’re a vampire, find a reliably clean vitamin D supplement (like NutraSumma’s) and take it daily. =:o)



We all know we should be drinking more water, but how much more? As a rule of thumb, drink at least half your body weight (and up to your full body weight) in ounces of clean water every day. Everything the body wants to do requires water, and I don’t mean the water hidden in your soda or coffee. The body requires actual water, so whatever your physical and/or nutritional goals, raise your water glass and drink up!


The body requires sleep: 7-8 hours for adults, 8-10 hours for kids, and 10-12 hours for babies and toddlers. As many of these hours as possible should be before midnight. The reason is because the body attempts to slip into its nightly cleanse and detox mode roughly 3 hours after sunset (10 p.m.) until roughly 3 hours before sunrise (2-3 a.m.). If you are awake during this time, the body canNOT engage in the full cleanse and detox process. Ben Franklin was definitely onto something when he said, “Early to bed, early to rise…” Health, wealth, and wisdom will be just a few of the many benefactors, as hormones, emotions, digestion, and healing processes are powerfully affected by the presence of proper sleep—or lack thereof.


These are just a few sustainable and simple changes you can make as you begin a new year. In my opinion, “success” is a verb, and the unique success you’ll be seeking this new year—whether it be physical, professional, personal, or emotional—truly can (and should) be found on every step of your journey toward the destination.


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