May 5, 2019

Severe Anxiety: Amino Acid Therapy Changes a Woman’s Life

A Fusion Pharmacy Case Study


Late last year, I had a consultation with a new patient from out of town. My patient’s family lives here in St. George, and they had heard my radio ads about amino acid therapy and how Fusion is helping people gain back their health.

They were experiencing firsthand what it was like to be an outsider, feeling helpless and frustrated because they were losing their loved one to anxiety. During a family get-together, they took a chance and appealed to their loved one to come and see me.

Meet My Patient

My patient is a 67-year-old woman. She’s a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. Before her anxiety settled in and started robbing her of her social connections, she loved being active with her family and friends. Over the course of time, she slowly began to isolate herself from the world and from her family, and at times, she would be completely reclusive.


Consultation Discovery: She Hides Herself from the World

During a visit with my patient, she described the debilitating symptoms she was feeling: excessive worry and panic that something bad was going to happen, fatigue combined with restlessness, and trouble sleeping. Her appetite was irregular. Regular social interactions were something she completely avoided because they triggered these symptoms to spiral out of control. Even seeing the family was completely avoided. She would rather hide herself from the world. Her husband was also there for the consultation. He described feeling frustrated and at a loss as to how to help her.

At the time of the consultation, the patient was taking anti-anxiety medications and had tried various types. She also described how these medications, while helping in some respects, were starting to make her symptoms worse.

I also discovered that she had moderate to severe digestion issues. To help get to the root cause, we discussed whether this issue was caused by the stress of living with anxiety or whether it was caused by other factors, such as poor diet or heredity.

Consultation Note: It is worth mentioning that most of my consultations show a common factor with digestive system issues. The “gut,” as we like to call it, is fundamental to our physical and mental health. When the gut is off balance, it can throw off the absorption of nutrients, disrupt brain and organ functions, and cause bacterial inflammations.

Just like many of my patients, the patient in this case study felt as though she had tried everything, and nothing was working.

Our New Approach to Her Daily Regimen

When I see patients, I like to discuss the importance of gut health. In this case, we weren’t sure if the anxiety symptoms started because her gut health was in decline or if the stress of the anxiety was the trigger for her poor gut health. One thing on which we both agreed was that gut health was a factor in her list of symptoms.

Once we approached the topic of how to maintain a healthy gut, we looked at how amino acids could be implemented to support her new supplement regimen. I recommended that she start with these basic supplements:

  • One essential amino acid.
  • Two non-essential amino acids.
  • CBD, magnesium, fish oil, a probiotic, and a digestive enzyme in combination with the amino acids.

All supplements were to be taken daily with meals and plenty of water.

Consultation Note: Every person is different and should be treated with careful and thoughtful recommendations. Because of this, her exact amino acid regimen would not be pertinent to share.  


I Haven’t Felt This Good in Years!

After the patient’s initial 90 days, we had another consultation. During the visit, she reported that she had not felt that good in years! For the first time in a long time, she was optimistic and excited. She felt more at ease during social interactions and was actually enjoying them again, and she was feeling less burdened with worry.

She described how she started to vary her intake of the supplements and what her findings were from doing so. Overall, she felt more in control of her physical and mental health. She also said that she had discontinued taking her anti-anxiety medication. (Please note that I strongly advise all my patient’s to consult with their doctor before discontinuing any prescribed drug therapy.)

Of course, I was thrilled for her and so were her husband and family! As time goes on, she and I will continue working on her journey to break free of her anxiety, and we will also continue to work on maintaining her healthy gut. In cases such as this one, I am truly grateful to be able to help people see another side to taking better care of their health.  

Why I Focus on Amino Acids

It is now a widely known fact that our dietary lives have changed in this country. We either rely on fast or processed foods or we are not eating balanced meals as our predecessors once did. Because our foods are over-processed, grown quickly to meet demand, grown with the use of pesticides, and genetically modified, they can be depleted of vital nutrients.

In the course of my pharmacological research, I have found that many of the amino acids that are necessary for cell growth and function are either missing or are non-existent in the very sources from which we should find them…our food.


How Do I Know What Amino Acid is Missing?

During an amino acid consultation, every new patient does a simple assessment test. Based on these results and the symptoms you are experiencing, I can then lay the groundwork for what I can recommend.

Free Advice: Amino acids are not drugs. They do not require a prescription. Amino acid therapy can be adjusted. Patients who are on amino acid therapy frequently comment on their self-adjustments. When a deficient amino acid is introduced to the body, it does not take long for the body to process and utilize its many benefits. This may result in a decreased dosage (from daily to every other day or as needed).


Anxiety Is Crushing Me. What Can I Do?

Please call, or come in and see me! The assessment is quick and easy, and the amino acids I carry are professional grade and pure. My strongest advice is to be wary about buying amino acids from the internet and from vendors you don’t know! This is why my team and I have done the work and the research for you. It is our mission to provide the best for every patient!


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