May 15, 2019

AFFOGATO West: Gourmet Beverages Infused with Love & Chaos

By SGHW Staff

Affogato West, southern Utah’s new gourmet coffee house, is quickly becoming the “community” place to enjoy exceptional gourmet coffees, non-coffee beverages, smoothies, and locally baked pastries. Located inside Unicorn Hatch Labs (a shared community work space) and behind Tropical Smoothie, Affogato is much more than a coffee shop: It is a place to relax in a quirky, funky, and unusual environment


Affogato West first began as the Affogato Coffee Truck, finding its way into the hearts of many coffee loving southern Utah residents and visiting tourists when it was parked in the Red Rock Bicycle parking lot for eleven months. When the truck experienced a serious electrical breakdown and needed repairs, owner Elise West realized that her customers needed more than a beverage; they needed a coffee hangout. In August, 2018, Elise’s vision became a reality when she moved her coffee truck business into an eclectic store front and opened the doors to a crowd of 275 eager supporters.

“When I was growing up, everyone was welcome in our home,” said Elise. “I feel the same way today, especially as I find myself looking around the coffee house and seeing people from all walks of life. It gives me great satisfaction to look around the room and see people visiting, reading, crying, hugging, laughing, holding business meetings, and more. From brand new babies to our seasoned, wise senior citizens—all taking a break from life and enjoying the moments…well, there’s nothing better.” Given Elise’s outlook on life and business, it is not difficult to understand why the motto of Affogato West is Coffee•Love•Community.


Elise and her staff are personifications of this business’s motto. Not only do they provide attentive and friendly customer service, they also strive to use the highest quality of ingredients in the food and beverages they serve. Sourcing organic ingredients whenever possible is top priority, and all the items on the menu are free from dyes, artificial coloring, and high-fructose syrup.

The beverage menu at Affogato is extensive and offers a wide variety of choices, from traditional coffee drinks to non-coffee drinks and from signature gourmet beverages to smoothies. Customers of the coffee house swear that everything on the menu is delicious, but they especially rave about the coffee: Affogato’s coffee beans are exceptional in flavor and smoothness, which creates some pretty amazing beverages! The list of milk alternatives in impressive and includes house-made cashew and almond milk. What’s more, the signature dish, The Affogato (vanilla bean ice cream “drowned” in espresso), is a customer favorite that wows every time. Enjoy it as is or add caramel, peanuts, almonds, or sea salt for an unforgettable treat.

While beverages are the focus of the Affogato menu, Elise—a strong supporter of local businesses—also serves pastry and bakery items from area bakeries, including Sweet Keto Bakery, Muddy Bees Bakery, and The Fat Cookie Co. And for those with special dietary request, delicious gluten-free, vegan, and Keto options are available.


Elise’s commitment to promoting local business extends beyond the consumable items on the menu. Jewelry, pottery, and art, all created by local artists, are on display to appreciate and purchase. Additionally, customers can enjoy live music every Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Live jazz takes the stage every first, third, and fifth Sunday and local musicians perform every second and fourth Sunday.) Every nook and cranny of Affogato West is filled with people enjoying amazing beverages, good company, and the best jazz this side of New York City. “I’ve always loved entertaining,” said Elise. “To now extend this into our southern Utah community and beyond is thrilling.”

While Affogato West might be a little hard to find, it is definitely well worth the search. With its delicious menu items and quirky-yet-cosmopolitan atmosphere, it keeps customers coming back for the experience as much as for the beverages and food. It seems fitting that the tagline of the coffee hangout is “Gourmet Beverages Infused with Love & Chaos” because life is a little bit of both, is it not?


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