May 15, 2019

Beyond Hot Yoga

By Shelley Crow, Planet Beach Spray & Spa


Enter HOTWORX Yoga, where sessions are performed in an infrared environment at 125 degrees for a thirty-minute posture sequence led by a virtual instructor

Yoga has been around for centuries; the mix of asana, meditation, and isometric strengthening movements choreographed to the inhalation and exhalation of the breath prepares the body for long-term health and brings the mind into the moment.

Now, Planet Beach and owner Shelley Crow have not only made yoga a part of the spa’s weekly practice but have also brought something new to southern Utah for yogis: infrared yoga! “Most hot yoga studios are heated with a mixture of hydro-foggers and hv/ac systems or space heaters,” she explained. “This traditional type of heat makes the air harder to breath, smelly, and full of bacteria. Infrared heat is much more clean and comfortable and is more readily absorbed by the body.”

So what is infrared? We experience infrared light every time we feel the heat of the sun or the warmth of a campfire on our skin. Technically, what we are experiencing in these instances is thermal infrared light, or radiant heat, created by light with wavelengths from 0.7 micron to about 0.1 millimeter.

Infrared waves penetrate the body rather than simply heating up air. This is how it can increase your body’s core metabolism, making it an ideal environment for exercise because it increases caloric burn by 130 percent. Infrared is also known for its ability to reduce inflammation, dramatically speed the body’s healing processes, and slow many disease processes, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and eye diseases like retinitis pigmentosa.

Other known benefits of infrared include pain relief, accelerated workout recovery, improved immune system, blood pressure reduction, wound healing, increased cellular health, skin purification, improved circulation, appearance of cellulite reduction, and collagen repair.

What is HOTWORX?

Hotworx is an innovative new fitness program based on the fusion of infrared heat and isometrics. The original HWX Hot Iso Workout combines the benefits of infrared sauna therapy and fourteen isometric body postures in a sequence to give you the perfect thirty-minute workout. HWX customers love the thirty-minute workout as opposed to the traditional sixty or ninety-minute hot yoga routine. Customers achieve even better results in thirty minutes of HWX due to the use of infrared heat and a temperature of 120-125 degrees fahrenheit.

As the infrared heat penetrates your body and causes you to sweat, the HWX isometric postures further accelerate the removal of toxins from your internal organs through muscle contraction. The program also provides for increases in strength, cardio, and flexibility.

“At Planet Beach, we now have four HOTWORX infrared saunas in our spa, with nine fitness programs to choose from, including hot yoga,” said Crow. “I would highly recommend hot infrared yoga for those who desire to get the most health benefits and the best results in the shortest amount of time from their practice!”


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