May 15, 2019

Brainpower: Crossinology

By Cash J.


Before Crossinology, I hated doing homework. All I wanted to do was play video games.  Doing homework made me feel mad and cranky; I felt like screaming every time my parents asked me to do it. I didn’t want to go to school because it made me feel stressed out. When I finished the brain integration with Caden, I was excited to do my homework! It was much easier, and I didn’t feel like screaming anymore. I started getting better scores on my tests, and it felt  good. I feel happy at home now. I feel calm during my basketball games and can shoot farther. I can’t wait to try it with golf now!

Cash’s mother’s testimonial:

We never worried about Cash making friends and always knew he was very intelligent.  When he was approaching kindergarten, we noticed that sitting down to an art project was difficult for him; he was always on the move and very active. Wanting to give him the best shot in school, we tried various alternative methods to help prepare him. We chose a healthy diet and worked with him in many ways.  

School went pretty well for a few years, but as he progressed, school became more difficult. When he began the fourth grade, it was a miserable experience. Cash hated doing homework and would sit and stare for long periods of time without any motivation to get started. He would get many notices from his teacher advising us that he needed to stay on task at school. Doing homework was not only miserable for him, it was also miserable for the whole family. The ripple effect of the stress was strong, and it was hard seeing him so pained and feeling so angry at himself each day.

One day at Cash’s soccer game, one of Cash’s previous coaches mentioned some similar struggles his son had experienced and said that he and his wife had finally found an astounding solution called crossinology. He explained that it involved brain integration and that after a few sessions, his son improved dramatically. Intrigued, I got the contact information for Caden Jensen, who does crossinology in St. George, Utah. Caden evaluated Cash, and he started sessions soon after. During each session, I would sit with them and watch. The sessions were enjoyable for Cash because Caden works great with kids and is very personable.

We started noticing improvements right away. Cash would feel motivated to complete his homework, and he started enjoying reading more. (Before, it was like pulling teeth!) He came home from school talking about the neat things he learned about rocks, gems, and other things. He asked me to pick up books at the library for him so that he could learn more about rocks and other interests that were new for him. It was very exciting to see a happy Cash who was eager to learn more and had interests other than video games.

Not long after finishing his brain integration with Caden, we received an email from his teacher saying that Cash was doing so much better at staying on task, understanding the concepts being taught, and getting along better with his classmates. To hear that he was doing well at school was such a pat on the back for Cash. The relief he felt was apparent. One day, he hugged me and said, “Thank you, mom, for taking me to Caden!”  I felt so good that we had found a healthy solution with a positive outcome for Cash.

We are so impressed with brain integration that I and my other two children are planning on going through the sessions with Caden. We hope this story reaches those in search of solutions and that others will experience the positive outcomes we have. I highly recommend this technique!


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