May 15, 2019

Customized Joint Replacement

By Dr. Todd Parry


Dr. Todd Parry, with Coral Desert Orthopaedics, is the First in Southern Utah to Offer OMNIBotics® Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement

Unparalleled precision provides patients with a customized joint replacement surgery for restored mobility.


Doctor Todd Parry is now offering OMNIBotics, an advanced robotic-assisted treatment option for total knee replacement. Dr. Parry can now perform this innovative total knee replacement solution, which is designed to relieve the pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis. With over six years of clinical history worldwide, OMNIBotics is the global leader in robotic-assisted total knee replacement.

The OMNIBotics procedure utilizes advanced software and instrumentation to tailor each procedure to the patient’s unique anatomy in order to optimize implant fit and alignment. Patented OMNIBotics Bone Morphing™ technology eliminates the need for costly CT scans or MRIs and allows the surgeon to perform “virtual” surgery on a digital model before any bone is cut. A robotic cutting guide is then used by the surgeon to make the planned bone resections, helping to ensure accuracy. The surgeon maintains control and decision making regarding the total knee replacement while providing a customized, patient-specific surgery. OMNIBotics also allows for a less invasive surgical technique when compared to traditional knee replacement surgery, which may promote a quicker recovery.

“What I have been most impressed with in using this next generation robotics system is the ability of the system to take into account ligament tension and not just the measurements of the bones,” explained Dr. Parry. “Previous robot navigation systems have been able to perfect the bone cuts, but this new OMNI robotic system allows us to take into account the laxity or tightness of the ligaments and adjust our component placement accordingly.” The dynamic sensor that measures and allows Dr. Parry to incorporate this important data is a huge step forward in the computer navigation/robotic systems, and the results are an unparalleled level of precision and accuracy. “The patient-specific approach enables optimal leg alignment for improved joint function and a more natural feel,” said Dr. Parry.


For more information about OMNIBotics or to make an appointment with Dr. Todd Parry, call Coral Desert Orthopaedics with Revere Health at (435) 628-9393 or go to


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