May 15, 2019

Premier TMS: Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Therapy

By Sidney Young, PhD

If you’re one of the estimated 16.2 million Americans living with major depressive disorder, there’s a non-invasive and non-systemic treatment available today. It’s called repetitive transcranial magnetic therapy, or TMS, and it is currently being provided in St. George at a Utah-based neurohealth clinic, Premier TMS.


This treatment is a literal lifesaver for many sufferers who have tried countless antidepressants to little or no avail, all while enduring numerous side effects. Compare that to TMS, where sixty-eight percent of patients see a reduction in their depression symptoms and forty-five percent achieve remission. Yes, that’s right. Forty-five percent of patients no longer have depression when they complete TMS therapy!

With TMS, the only side effect is headache or slight discomfort at the treatment site, which goes away after the first few treatments. A patient can drive themselves to their appointment, receive treatment while fully awake, and drive home afterwards. Best of all, TMS is covered by most major insurance carriers, including Medicare. Premier TMS is a private/civilian provider validated to work within the Veterans Administration to treat veterans and active military for both depression and PTSD.

TMS therapy has been FDA-approved since 2008. It works by emitting a series of highly-focused electromagnetic pulses (similar in type and strength of an MRI) to a patient’s left brain lobe, stimulating cortical neurons and causing them to depolarize and release neurotransmitters. This increases blood flow and glucose metabolism in the stimulated regions, typically resulting in improved mood.

Here is what some of Premier’s patients have to say about the success of their treatments:

“Neurostar treatment has changed my life. It’s given me life. It’s given me joy. It’s given me opportunity.” ―Colleen

“I had taken eleven different medications without any relief. NeuroStar treatment has helped me bring my life back with a happiness that I’ve never experienced before.”  ―Todd

“When you’re depressed, you’re always fighting to live and to survive the next day.  NeuroStar made such a difference. All of a sudden, I feel empowered, I feel strong, I feel like I’m not a victim anymore.” ―Debbie

Don’t let depression rob you of another day of your life. Take the next step and contact Premier TMS today!

Visit or or call 435-216-9290 for more information.


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