May 15, 2019

Restore Bio+Clinic: World-Class Care for Chronic Illness

By Shaylyn Romney Garrett


The first thing you notice when you walk into Restore Bio+Clinic is the serene, calming atmosphere. Soft music plays overhead, a fountain creates the soothing sound of flowing water, and the smell of essential oils wafts through the air. According to Dr. Werner Vosloo and his wife, Maria Vosloo, co-founders of the new clinic, this is by design. Restore Bio+Clinic is a integrative medicine practice offering care to patients for whom even visiting a doctor’s office can be an ordeal. “Our focus is on treating deeply entrenched chronic disease that doesn’t respond to traditional treatments,” explained Dr. Vosloo. This includes conditions such as Lyme, mold toxicity, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, and more. Many of the people coming to Restore Bio+Clinic have exhausted all their options and are desperate for help.

This is a reality Dr. Vosloo has experienced firsthand. In addition to being a board-certified naturopathic and homeopathic physician with over a decade of clinical experience and multiple advanced certifications, Dr. Vosloo has personally battled mold toxicity and chronic fatigue. As part of his own healing journey, he sought out and tested nearly every type of treatment available, eventually developing a unique set of tools and protocols that can benefit even the sickest patients. “After fourteen years of being sick, I have finally gotten my health, energy, cognitive clarity, and emotion regulation back,” he said. And he’s now eager to help others do the same. His experience and training has landed him in a place he described as “between the more natural and more western medical communities.” As a result, his treatment plans combine various modalities and incorporate cutting-edge technologies from all over the world.

The Vosloos founded their first naturopathic practice in Portland, Oregon, in 2010 and built it into a successful, bustling day clinic. But Dr. Vosloo kept seeing a need for a different kind of practice—one aimed at the toughest cases. “I wanted to create a less busy clinic where we could provide the opposite of a high-volume, quick visit, in-and-out approach,” he said, describing his motivation for founding Restore Bio+Clinic. He first looked for the right location—somewhere with a warm and dry climate conducive to healing. “St. George was perfect,” he said. In 2017, he and Maria came for a visit and left having bought a house. They moved to Washington, Utah, with their two children shortly thereafter, and though they still commute back to Portland monthly to support their clinic there, they are thrilled to call southern Utah their new home. “Many people struggling with chronic illness find their way here because of the climate alone,” he explained. “And now, we are able to provide them with a clinical path to healing as well.”


In September, 2018, Restore Bio+Clinic opened its doors with a six-person team working together in an unhurried, thoughtful, and methodical way to treat people, not just diagnoses. Many patients are local, but some travel long distances to benefit from the clinic’s approach. “Chronic illness is so-named because the prevailing viewpoint is that it’s not something that can really be improved—only managed,” Dr. Vosloo said. But his treatments aim to restore cellular function to the degree that chronic illness starts to go into remission, and the body begins to heal itself just as it does in healthy people. According to Dr. Vosloo, a thorough, holistic, and long-term approach to care is the only thing that can bring about this result. “When people come to Restore Bio+Clinic, they often stay for several weeks so that we can study their condition in-depth, and there is ample time to provide care for healing to happen from the inside out,” he explained. Detailed diagnostic testing, highly individualized treatment plans, and a commitment to addressing root causes—not just symptoms—are what Dr. Vosloo feels set Restore Bio+Clinic apart.

When it comes to results, said Maria Vosloo, “so much depends on how committed a patient is to following through with self-care and lifestyle adjustments.” This is why Restore Bio+Clinic provides not only medical intervention but also nutritional counseling and support with the mental and emotional challenges that often accompany chronic illness. The clinic also coordinates actively with patients’ primary care physicians, who can provide ongoing support.

A full course of treatment can last as long as two to five years, but patients say that the results are life-changing. Dona Haws, a local woman who has seen countless doctors in pursuit of healing and who has been a patient at Restore Bio+Clinic for several months, said, “Dr. Vosloo is the most concerned, caring, and thorough doctor I have ever worked with.”

In addition to world-class care for chronic illness, Restore Bio+Clinic offers a la carte services to the general public, including hydrocolon therapy, IV treatments, and ionic footbaths. Stop by the clinic today to meet Dr. Werner and Maria Vosloo, a welcome addition to the St. George health and wellness community.


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