September 9, 2019

Answering Your Questions about CBD

By Hurricane Family Pharmacy


Our team at Hurricane Family Pharmacy is getting lots of questions about CBD products. There is no shortage of information and misinformation when talking about CBD. In this article we will explain what CBD is and how it can be used.

Many people are confused about the differences between CBD and marijuana. CBD stands for cannabidiol and comes from the hemp plant. The active ingredient in marijuana is THC. Hemp is completely different from marijuana in its function, cultivation, and application. Marijuana is used for medicinal or recreational purposes. Hemp is used in a variety of other applications for which marijuana couldn’t possibly be used. These include healthy dietary supplements, skin products, clothing, and accessories.

The most commonly asked question is “Will I get high from hemp?” The answer is no, and here is why. While there are at least 113 known cannabinoids produced by the hemp plant, cannabis is identified by its two active ingredients: THC and CBD. THC is the only molecule in the cannabis family with a psychoactive component. It’s the only one that will get you “high.” CBD, even at extremely high doses, will not make you feel “high.” There are hundreds of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients present in the cannabis plant that are beneficial to overall health and wellness. 

CBD research is advancing rapidly. Clinical research on cannabidiol includes preliminary studies for anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, inflammation, and pain. The strongest evidence, according to a comprehensive review of cannabinoid studies from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, shows that cannabinoids can be effective in improving two conditions: patient-reported multiple sclerosis spasticity symptoms and short-term sleep outcomes in individuals with sleep disturbance associated with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and multiple sclerosis. It’s also safe to use as an adjunct with opioids. 

With little to no regulation, CBD products are easily susceptible to fraud. When buying CBD online or in general retail stores, there is a huge risk that you could end up with products that don’t contain CBD at all, contain less CBD than claimed, contain too much THC, or contain contaminants. It’s important to use a professional grade CBD that undergoes rigorous third party testing. It’s also important to use a full-spectrum CBD— one containing over 100 different cannabinoids—in order to obtain the best health benefits.

Pharmacists are medication experts. Our team of pharmacists are also supplement experts. Since all CBD is not created equally, we have studied many different brands and dosage forms so that we can confidently recommend the best product. We have noticed that our patients are looking to reduce the amount of traditional medications in favor of natural products. We are here to help! Reach out to any of our pharmacy team members at Hurricane Family Pharmacy to answer any health related questions you have.


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