September 9, 2019

Are You Tired of Having Old Knees Even Though You Aren’t That Old?

By East West Health


Just the other day, I had one of my patients tell me, “Regan, aging is not for sissies, but I’ll take it over the alternative!” I couldn’t agree with him more. As children, we heal very quickly, but it seems that the older we get, the harder it is to bounce back. 

Aging typically impacts our joints first. Lately, have you noticed that your knees make noise when you squat down? Have you felt the lack of stability walking up and down the stairs? Have you felt more pain when you’re hiking, running, or even walking, and do you wonder why? 

The noise and pain in your knees can be one of the earliest signs of accelerated aging, which might also be osteoarthritis or bone-on-bone from a loss of cushioning. Until now, the only options you’ve been given are an injection to ease the pain and inflammation or a surgical operation, such as a knee replacement. What if we could put new life into your knees?

The good news is that you have master cells in your body, called stem cells, that replace cells when they die. If you have enough healthy stem cells, you will slow your aging process and speed up your ability to heal and recover. With new scientific breakthroughs, there are more ways now than ever before to reverse various aspects of aging in your knees or other joints in safe, effective, and non-invasive ways.

Here’s what John and Alison had to say: “Wow! This is the best decision we’ve made. My knees are better than ever before. I honestly can’t remember my knees feeling this good. This is a miracle. May God bless you all for what you are doing for humanity.”

To find out just how good it feels to be free of pain and to fight the aging in your knees, come see our talented regenerative medical specialists at East West Health. Call us and reference this article for a complimentary evaluation to see if you qualify for one of our regenerative treatments at 435-773-7790.


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