September 9, 2019

Brain Health: Healing Mind and Memory from Alzheimer’s Disease

By Dr. Werner Vosloo, Restore Bio+Clinic


Conventional wisdom used to hold that Alzheimer’s was an essentially hopeless condition with no cure and no effective interventions. However, thanks to the work of countless researchers, we now know that there is hope not only for people who already suffer from cognitive decline and but also for those who have a genetic predisposition for it. 

While no one can change their genetic makeup, we each can create an internal environment that promotes healthy brain cells and connections where neurons thrive. The key to avoiding and healing Alzheimer’s is “good housekeeping”—starting today and continuing into old age. 

Good brain housekeeping means preserving and maintaining the nerve cells that process and store memory. It takes a lot of energy and resources for the body to maintain proper brain function. You need specific fats and nutrients, healthy hormones, and a non-toxic environment with no inflammation. Under such ideal conditions, your brain can easily maintain healthy neurons well into old age.

However, under circumstances of stress, inflammation, chronic infection, toxicity, hormone and nutrient deficiency, and insufficient sleep, the brain has to downsize by pruning neurons and synapses (the connections between neurons). This is especially true for those who are genetically predisposed to cognitive decline. Plaque buildup, which is clearly visible in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, is merely a protective mechanism the body uses to survive and cope with inflammation, toxicity, and infection. 

At Restore Bio+Clinic, we use a holistic root-cause approach to address the inner environment of the body and brain in order to support and heal cognitive function. The key to success is in the interaction between the environment and your specific biochemistry, including the very specific nature of your own genetic predisposition. 

We know from experience dealing with countless individuals suffering from degenerative disease that thorough, precise testing leads to personalized therapy that works.

Restore Bio+Clinic offers cutting-edge testing to identify the known causes of cognitive decline and, most importantly for people who wish to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, which specific controllable and environmental risk factors they have. Our treatment approach differs from one person to another based on a personalized risk profile that includes nutrient and hormone status, sleep cycles and melatonin status, inflammation, infections, insulin resistance, blood-brain barrier integrity, toxicity, and specific growth factors that support good brain housekeeping.

This method is obviously much more involved than a “silver bullet” pharmaceutical approach. Treating the whole system as it relates to brain function is more complex but far more effective. Obtaining a thorough evaluation is the most important first step toward understanding what your risk factors are and what you can do to clean up your inner environment in order to support healthy brain function throughout your life. 

Tips for Good Brain Housekeeping

  • Sleep: Optimize your sleep habits to ensure you’re getting adequate rest. Melatonin is very important for brain health!
  • Exercise: Moderate, regular exercise is one of the most important stimuli for brain-healing hormone production and blood flow.
  • Brain Training: Programs such as BrainHQ or Lumosity can help you start exercising your brain for better overall function.
  • Diet and Nutrition: A diet that decreases inflammatory agents and allergens, increases healthy fats, and promotes digestive health is vital. Be sure to consult your health care provider before altering your diet.

Contact Restore Bio+Clinic today to schedule a visit so that we can start you on a path to prevention, healing, and hope!

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