September 9, 2019

Finney Farm: Deliciously Pure Dairy Products

By Angel Naivalu


Winford “Finney” Barlow is the owner/operator of Finney Farm, a state-certified dairy farm located in Hildale, Utah, that produces raw milk and fine artisan raw milk cheeses. The business had its start thirty-three years ago when Finney married Carolena, a dairy girl with a talent for making cheese. The two of them built a barn, bought a few cows, and began milking them. It wasn’t long before they had more milk than they needed, so they started selling it to family and friends. What began in 1986 has grown into a commercial dairy that provides the southern Utah community with high-quality dairy products, including raw milk, cheese, cream-top yogurt, and frozen yogurt.

Quality Counts

The Barlow’s passion and skill for creating delicious, nutrient-rich dairy products comes from a combination of years of experience, research, and formal training. According to Finney, Carolena has been driven by a commitment to feed their twelve children the most nutritious dairy products possible. Because of this, all of the Finney Farm cows are grass fed to keep them healthy and producing a high-caliber product. The Barlows also refrain from using artificial growth hormones on their animals. “We are the biggest consumers of our own products,” Finney said. “What we put in the cow comes out! That’s why we feed our cows a quality diet. I wouldn’t give anything to your family that I wouldn’t give to mine.”  

While most dairies pasteurize their milk to minimize the potential risk of bacteria, the milk produced at Finney Farm is unpasteurized. Pasteurization, the process of heat-processing milk, kills the probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes naturally found in raw milk. Lactose sensitivity, an increasingly common condition in people, can also be a byproduct of pasteurization. However, at Finney Farm, a state-certified lab is housed on site where milk is tested daily! This type of quality control keeps products free from unwanted bacteria and eliminates the need for pasteurization. What is more, Finney Farm’s unpasteurized milk and cheese comes from a preferred Brown Swiss breed of cow that produces milk with a higher butter fat and a higher casein content (the main protein in milk), giving the milk a sweetness that can’t be found in milk from other breeds of cows. The result is milk, cheese, and yogurt that is better for digestion; often, customers who have difficulty digesting standard commercial dairy products can successfully tolerate products from Finney Farm.

Taste the Difference

Although Finney Farm is located in Hildale, Utah, their products can be purchased at any of their three permanent locations in southern Utah: 

  • 511 East St. George Boulevard – St. George, Utah
  • Just off I-15 north of St. George, Utah – Kannaraville/New Harmony exit #42
  • 1320 North Canyon Street – Hildale, UT

Each location is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Find them online at and on Facebook. Their stores carry additional items from other local vendors, including raw honey, whole wheat and sprouted wheat bread, products from Sweet Keto Bakery, and cage free/free range eggs.

Visit Finney Farm and taste the farm fresh, wholesome goodness of their dairy products!


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