September 9, 2019

Youth Diaries: Scrunchanies

By Stephanie Dansie


My name is Stephanie Dansie. I’m a recent graduate from Desert Hills High School where I was a member of the SUSA Club and the swim team. I love spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy creating, designing, sewing, doing arts and crafts, and in general, being productive.

Some time ago, I noticed that many stores sold scrunchies and other hair accessories that were so high-priced they were always out of my budget. I thought, “Why not start my own scrunchy business?” I dusted off my old sewing machine and started designing and creating scrunchies. Three months later, with plenty of help from my mother and grandmother, I had improved upon and perfected all sorts of accessory styles, from large bows to small scrunchies. I named my new business Scrunchanies.

Scrunchanies is currently on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy. I also sell my scrunchies at Tuacahn. I have plans to expand to other local marketplaces as well. I feature special orders and offer custom fabrics and quantities. The beauty of using my own fabric is that all of my creations are unique in their own way! People love the variety of colors and fabric types and appreciate that each design is one-of-a-kind. Families and students often live on a tight budget, and because some stores can have giant price tags, affordable accessories are in high demand.

Starting a business from scratch without any prior experience is difficult. I learned to overcome hardships, break out of my shell, and enjoy talking to people. One amazing aspect of this endeavor has been my personal growth in responsibility and business “smarts.” This includes dealing with the time crunches and the high pressures that come with the job. As a side benefit, I’ve learned that good customer service is essential to becoming successful. You have to go out of your way to meet someone’s needs, to make them feel welcomed, and to help them feel happy about a purchase. Combine these things with fairness, and the result is a thriving company.

Business skills aside, this has been a great bonding experience for my entire family. They have supported me all the way. Starting a business is a wonderful opportunity, and I wish that every teenager would realize that they are capable of so much if they pour their hearts into it.

What started as a need for better hair accessories eventually became an effort to show the world that I am able use my own resources to be successful. I hope that one day Scrunchanies will have a big impact on the business world!


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