November 12, 2019

Dixie State University Sees Record-Breaking Donations

Dixie State University would not exist today without the long-standing commitment and support it receives from the community. Throughout its 108-year history, thousands of compassionate community members who understood the value of education have selflessly sacrificed time and money so that the University could fulfill its crucial mission. 


Today, as the University undergoes significant transformation and continues to experience phenomenal growth, campus leaders once again have looked to the community for support, and once again, the community has responded. 


During the last year, the University received nearly $10 million in donations—a record-breaking figure almost three times the amount of the previous record—and this year looks to be just as promising. Just a few months into the new fiscal year, the University has received more than $2.5 million in donations. 


“The support from our community has inspired me,” University President Richard B. Williams said. “It has been an absolute honor to witness the far-reaching effects of their generosity.” 

This support has come as a response to the University’s vision and strategic plan. The plan, which was launched in 2015, has energized the campus and community and continues to unfold before our eyes. DSU now offers 200 programs, including forty-five bachelor’s degrees and four graduate programs. With significant enrollment growth for the fourth straight year, the University has also expanded quality spaces for student learning, recently opening the $60 million Human Performance Center and breaking ground to build the Science, Engineering & Technology building. DSU has also developed key partnerships with the University of Utah, University of Notre Dame, and Intermountain Healthcare’s Dixie Regional Medical Center. 


“I love what President Williams and the University are doing,” University Board of Trustees member and donor Lindsay Atwood said. “I believe we are on the brink of something special, and I am excited and thrilled to be involved.” 


As the University’s stature continues to grow, so will the fundraising needs. “We are just getting started,” DSU’s Director of Development Ken Beazer said. “We are on the precipice of what could be the University’s most defining decade in history, and the needs are great.” 

Much of this urgency and excitement stems from the University’s decision to move its athletic program to the Division I level. This historic move will positively impact DSU and the community for years to come. It will elevate the University’s brand, academic exposure, and visibility, further strengthening its stature within the state and region. It will also attract tourism and stimulate economic growth throughout Washington County. 


The speed at which DSU and its community partners realize these benefits will largely be determined by the level of community support for the transition. As a result, the University has set a goal to raise $1.5 million for student athlete scholarships and support by July 1, 2020.  


“Our goal is to get as many community members involved as possible,” President Williams said. “Amounts are less important than the fact that community members are willing to give. We hope everybody considers giving something and takes ownership of this exciting change. After all, this is the Dixie community’s University and their team.”


To be part of Dixie State University’s historic move to Division I athletics, text the word “Dixie” to 71777.  


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