November 12, 2019

New NAVIO Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery Comes to St. George

By Michael W. Manning, DO 

When it comes to joint replacement surgery, patients want a surgeon who can work with a higher level of accuracy. Advancements in medical technologies are rapidly evolving. Examples of these include assisted surgical devices, minimally invasive procedures for knee and hip replacements, rapid recovery protocols, artificial intelligence, and low and/or no-opioid pain control options. These and other innovations can enable even the most skilled surgeons to achieve more accurate implant placement, potentially improving patient short-term and long-term outcomes. 

St. George Surgical Center (SGSC), a multi-specialty, nationally-accredited, and Medicare-certified outpatient surgery center, has partnered with Smith & Nephew to bring the NAVIO robotics-assisted joint replacement system to southern Utah. SGSC is currently the first and only surgical facility in Utah and Nevada with this state-of-the-art technology and NAVIO certified surgeons. SGSC has already attracted patients from more than forty states and Canada to St. George through its domestic medical tourism program and contracts directly with employers and Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) who refer patients from all over the USA. SGSC also offers a cash-pay program offering low discounted prices for patients who arrange to pay in full on the day of surgery. 

Why the NAVIO Surgical System over other systems in the market? 

The NAVIO surgical system has the widest array of implant options, allowing surgeons to better tailor their treatment plans for patients. Undamaged cartilage and ligaments can be spared such that a more normally functioning joint may be achieved. Additionally, SGSC brought this technology, demonstrating a commitment to uncompromised quality for our patients at no extra cost to them. 

NAVIO adds a level of accuracy that may help improve the function and feel of joint replacement implants. Potentially, NAVIO also may extend their longevity The system is minimally invasive, helping spare soft tissue trauma during surgery. Less soft tissue trauma may result in less postoperative pain, lower risk of complications, faster recovery, as well as improved range of motion. With the combination of minimally invasive surgery techniques with multimodal pain control, such as Iovera and/or EXPAREL, we are rapidly approaching opioid-free joint replacement surgery. 

Robotics-assisted, minimally-invasive joint replacement may allow patients to have more confidence in their joint and more readily return to everyday activities such as going on pain-free walks, climbing stairs, and walking hills, as well as simple things like putting on their shoes. If you are considering joint replacement surgery, please call SGSC at (844) 673-0095 to arrange a consultation with a NAVIO-certified orthopedic surgeon and determine if you are a candidate for robotics-assisted surgery. 

Important Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are that of Dr. Michael W. Manning and St. George Surgical Center. 


Michael W. Manning, DO is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon located in St George, Utah. Dr. Manning is the founder of Novatio, the pioneers of Full-Circle OrthopaedicsTM. Novatio provides access to physical therapy, personal training, nutrition, massage therapy, acupuncture, counseling, and educational workshops in addition to surgical expertise. Contact Dr. Manning by calling (435) 688-1152 or by going to Dr Manning has full surgical privileges at St. George Surgical Center (SGSC), a physician-owned, multispecialty, AAAHC-accredited and Medicare-certified same day surgery center located at 676 S Bluff Street in St George, Utah. 


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