January 14, 2020

With Cytokines, You Can Play Pickleball like a Boss Again

By East West Health Team


Yes, cytokines do sound like something from a Star Trek movie that one would want to avoid: “Spock, look out! There are too many Cytokines. We must abandon ship.” The truth is that cytokines are actually extremely important to our health. Cytokines are small, secreted proteins released by cells that have a specific effect on the interactions and communications between cells. There are different types of cytokines in the body, but the ones we want to focus on are pro-inflammatory cytokines as well as anti-inflammatory cytokines. The best way to describe these proteins in our bodies is to think of them as the foremen in your immune system that are contracted with stem cells to help with rebuilding damaged or diseased areas. 

Let’s say you are playing pickleball with your friends, and it’s getting pretty competitive. Your friend hits a cross-court shot that you instinctively stretch out and dive for. The good news is that you make the save and win the point. The bad news is that you land weird with your arm outstretched and tear a rotator cuff. The pain signal goes out, and the cytokines go to work getting stem cells and other regenerative molecules to start repairing the damaged area. It’s important to have good circulation and blood flow as this will help increase the demand for more stem cells. Unfortunately, our stem cell counts decrease as we age, and we don’t have enough to get the job done. This is when you can get an infusion of stem cells to help you.


There has been a lot of evolution over the last few years with stem cell therapy. The more stem cells you have in your body, the quicker you can recover and avoid other procedures that have long recovery times and lots of drugs. Stem cell proliferation is critical to your overall health. By sleeping and eating well, getting exercise, staying in a healthy mental state, and getting the treatments necessary, you can increase your stem cell production and increase your quality of life and the stem cell production in your body. 

To find out how stem cell therapy can help you live pain free, come see our talented regenerative medical specialists at East West Health. We’ve helped thousands of people with knee pain, back pain, and other joint problems get back to the life they love pain free. Call us today at 435-773-7790, and let’s get back on the pickleball court! 


“I had pain in my left knee that was to the point where it would wake me at night. I had difficulty standing up, walking, getting up from the couch, and turning over. It severely affected my daily activities. It also got in the way of my favorite sport: pickleball. After my stem cell treatment, I gained back full range of motion. I can run around the pickleball court, I have no pain at night, I can sleep better, and I can walk. The biggest difference for me is being able to negotiate the stairs normally. I have also lost thirty pounds by changing my lifestyle thanks to East West Health.”

‒Richard C.


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